When I created Core Principles, I knew I wanted it to be more than just a “gym.” Our mission is to create an experience that adds to your quality of life. This means we are serious about the sciency part of fitness so you achieve what you want but we also include a heavy dose of fun. Jokes, colorful language, belly laughs, and games that have us playing like kids are part of our M.O. This also means we provide an experience led by thoughtful and caring coaches that empower and educate SuperHeros (that’s you). Most of all we’re a place where it’s ok to be yourself.


From the outside, we look like any gym or fitness facility but we are ready to prove to you that we are more than a building with shiny equipment. Most gyms are pretty similar in the stuff they have. Our personal approach and focus on our clients are what makes us different.

We are a team of coaches determined to support you.  You know where you want to go, we are the sherpas determined to get you there. We do not simply sign you up, take your money and throw you out on the floor to figure it out.

Every single one of your workouts is supervised by one of our coaches!


We start everybody off with a personal Strategy Session.

During this 60 minute meetup we will:

  • Discuss what about your fitness and nutrition is frustrating the heck out of you.
  • Listen to what your goals and expectations are.
  • Explore your health history, any past injuries, and your previous training experience.
  • Make sure you are clear on what it is like to work with us and know what to expect.
  • And take you through a movement assessment, so that we can better understand your needs.

The Strategy Session is designed to build trust, provide us with critical information so we can recommend the right program for you, better understand how to coach you and to craft a customized program based to give you a body that makes you smile and the lifestyle that supports it.

You can schedule that here: Free Success Session.

After that, every single one of our clients has a workout plan customized for them based on their goals, interests and lifestyle or you can work in a group setting. See our programs here.

In addition all our clients receive nutritional guidance. We’ll work on changing those eating habits to get you the results you want. Finally, we truly care about you. We know if you’re here, we hold you accountable, and give you a little poke via phone and/or e-mail to keep you on track should you fall off.

The bottom line is fitness must be fun. It must be safe and it must add value to your life outside of here.